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Edelstenen, kleurstenen, briljanten, parels en glas zijn materialen die ik graag in mijn creaties verwerk. Ieder sieraad is uniek en bezit een persoonlijke touch; een klein kunstwerkje op zich.

Education, training and qualifications

1997 - 2004: Sint - Bavo Ghent - Latin and Sciences
2004 - 2006: Sint - Lucas Ghent: architecture
2006 - 2009:  Sint - Lucas in Antwerp: Bachelor in jewel design and goldsmithing
2006-2010:Special goldsmith course Syntra Antwerp.
2007 - 2008:1year working experience in Antwerp with Wim Meeussen (jewel design and realisation of his gold collection)
September 2008:  Intensive summer course in ‘Alchimia – academia’ in Florence (Italy) in corporation with Yoko Shimizu and Marzia Rossi
6-10 April 2009:  Contemporary diamond jewellery design course HRD Antwerp
2009:  Pearl course in Academy for mineralogy ACAM supervised by Peter Panis
2009 - 2010:  Master degree in Object & Jewellery PHL Limburg (arts & architecture department) MAD faculty in Hasselt(Belgium)  : Master in object and jewel design
2009: Workshop with Christophe Zellweger, Gallery Silke Fleisher Antwerp: insomnia
2009 - 2010: Internship in Antwerp under supervision of jewel designer Ilse De Keulenaer (Schuttershofstreet, Antwerp).
June 2010: Workshop in Munich in ”Handwerkskammer”. Subject: “Fine Clasps and Sophisticated Fasteners” under supervision of Giovanni Corvaja.
September – November 2010: working experience in the atelier of Ilse De Keulenaer (retail, reparations, creating and making jewellery)
December 2010 - 2012: employed at Nico Taeymans’ Goldstore and atelier in Antwerp: Retail and realisation of his gold collection (wedding rings, bracelets…) designing new  and unique pieces
2012 – present: founder and executive manager at “Eline Fransen Jewellery Design” brand in Antwerp and consultant at Pomellato Antwerp.
End 2017 – present: Jewellery design teacher at HRD Antwerp (in collaboration with Veerle Van Wilder)


➢  Publications and expositions:

September 2008: Expo creations designed during the summer course in  Alchimia, Firenze with contemporary jewel designers Yoko Shimizu and Marzia Rossi .

June 2009: “10 m of insomnia “Workshop under guidance of  Christophe Zellweger  expo in the Galery Silker Fleisher, Antwerp.

June 2010: Masterexpo PHL in CIAP, Hasselt

Summer 2010: Expo ‘Silvertalents’  in Sterckshof, Deurne(Antwerp)

July 2010: Workshop in Munich in the Handwerkskammer. “Fine Clasps and Sophisticated Fasteners” by Giovanni Corvaja.
December 2011: “Twins and Tripples” Expo in Ghent

February 2011: Expo in O’gallery (Kolenmarkt15, Brussels)

December 2011: Expo first golden jewellery collection in Ghent.
25 November tot 31 December 2012: Expo  “Out of the box”  in   the III-Gallery   (Grote Zavel Brussels)
December 2012: Expo ‘glass and golden objects and jewellery ’ (Ghent)

• Inhorgenta 2011: Expo  in cooperation with PHL in Munich ,Glass and golden jewellery
• 01/12/2012 until 13/01/2013   “JEWELBOOK” expo organised for the launching of a new book of “stichting kunstboek”:  “Jewelbook - International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 12|13”.

• December 2013: Expo Pearls, pearls, pearls  in Ghent.
• “EXIT brochure” PHL Hasselt  “Zilvertalenten 2010” catalogue Silvermuseum Sterckshof, Antwerp
•  Article about my glass jewellery in “Jewelbook - International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 12|13”. Stichting kunstboek
May 2014: Symbiosis XL in Leuven in co-operation with museum M
• November 2014: Expo ‘ Ring a ling” together with Josien Baetens, Lien Hereijgers, Tine Sibbens and Zhao Li 

• December 2014:  Expo “Cuberdon” in Antwerp

• February 2015: Launching Silvercollection “dancing boules” te Nappanera Lokeren

• December 2015: Expo “Blooming” in Antwerp

• December 2016:  Expo “Intersection” in Antwerp

• December 2017:  Expo “Goccia” in Antwerp


" My work has less to do with the need to make something decorative and much more to do with the fun of playing , of working the way I choose; it is about inventiveness and creativity. "

(Friedrich Becker)